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It's Fall Granting Time

Fall Semester Grant Process

1. Complete and submit a grant application. The grant application can be found here. Please provide as much information as possible when completing the grant application as this will help the CPF Board better understand your project. When you are finished filling out your grant request, please email it over to You can do this by going to the FILE drop down and select email and then "Email this file". Grant applications are due April 7th.

2. The CPF Board will decide on grant requests at its April meeting on the 12th. Requestees will be notified by e-mail if their grant application will be awarded or denied. The Foundation receives many deserving applications each year but we, unfortunately, are not able to aware them all.

If your grant is approved:

3. Notify Ben Norton, CPF President, of the following:

     a. When you plan to purchase/request your project materials

     b. and if you are planning to invoice the expense, would like to use the CPF

     credit card of will be requesting reimbursement

If you will be requesting reimbursement, we ask that all receipts be submitted together with a tally of the total amount requested. Incomplete reimbursement requests may be returned or delayed in being reimbursed.

4. Lastly, please share with us your successes! A member of the board will be reaching out to you after the grant has been awarded to hear how the project went; we'd love to get pictures or stories about how the grant was used and received!

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